When I was 16 I decided the art world is where I wanted to live. And touring with bands and documenting absolutely everything was how I was going to succeed. I realized there was no other path for me. I started with my iPhone and then invested in a DSLR and dove right in.

"In the moment" is basically my mantra. Music and people are my inspiration for anything creative in my life. It might sound trite, but people following their paths and going after their dreams, that's what I get off on.  And being able to capture it all, there is nothing better in my life.

I can document your creative process whether it be your band in the studio making an album. Working on a project start to finish and many other formats.

I offer many looks and styles. Polaroid, 35mm film, Digital. Whatever the format I can create the exact look meant for your project.

Currently available for tour.

Instagram: @Zeebrahmedia