HUTTCH got signed

The first show I ever photographed in 2013 was at the DH in Windsor. My friends band was playing and I didn’t know any other band that was performing.
No band really stood out as amazing until….. This band called “State of Us” goes up.
I will never forget seeing little Sebastian jam his guitar into the roof a bunch of times and then jumping off the drummers drum set and going nuts. I knew right away I wanted to work with these guys. Within time I start to see them around more and they lose a drummer, get Robbie, at one point my roommate was jamming with them to try out on guitar. Then they hit me up to shoot some portraits of them because they were changing the band name. Well… here it is.


Don’t mind the lame ass watermark… I used to be so sick!
But this photo was the first photo I shot of HUTTCH as a band - October 2014. Over the next 5 years we have made five music videos together, travelled to PEI and back, travelled to Arizona to make a music video, have had more hilarious moments then I can even remember and now the boys, which they will always be boys to me. GOT MOTHA FUCKEN SIGNED!

I didn’t have much to do with it but I feel like a proud dad for these guys. Booking tours in the USA. Getting spun on the radio. Just the beginning for these guys.