Lost Cousins "In Scenery"

The first time I herd Lost Cousins was Canadian Music Week 2017. I went to their show, shot photos, didn’t meet them, went to their facebook, found a contact email, emailed them the edits and said if you post it tag me… And I think I might have got a “Thanks” reply.

Couple months later I see they’re playing NXNE. Thought about emailing them to photograph the set but didn’t. I’m at a show at the Garrison a couple days before their set at NXNE. I end up seeing the guys outside between bands and ask them to shoot photos for them at NXNE. They remember who I am and say sure.

I end up going to NXNE with them. Have never hung out with them or had any real convo with any of them. By the end of the festival I felt like I had known them forever and lucky for me they loved the photos and video I made and invited me to more shows.

I spent the rest of summer 2017 going to their shows, putting together highlight videos, then I start hanging with them outside of shows, going to birthdays. I become real homies with all of them.

Fast forward to February 2019. They release the album and I’m at the top of the thank you credits.
Another example of a situation I expected nothing. I put good energy into the relationship I had with the guys and created the best visuals I could and it all worked out.

If you haven’t checked out this album. You’re truly missing out.