Tomboy Lowrider Music Video

Here is the behind the scenes photos I captured on film the weekend I was in New York with Ryan and Tomboy. It was my first time meeting Nate & Dante. It was good times from the start. So happy for what we created. Hope you enjoy these photos

HUTTCH got signed

The first show I ever photographed in 2013 was at the DH in Windsor. My friends band was playing and I didn’t know any other band that was performing.
No band really stood out as amazing until….. This band called “State of Us” goes up.
I will never forget seeing little Sebastian jam his guitar into the roof a bunch of times and then jumping off the drummers drum set and going nuts. I knew right away I wanted to work with these guys. Within time I start to see them around more and they lose a drummer, get Robbie, at one point my roommate was jamming with them to try out on guitar. Then they hit me up to shoot some portraits of them because they were changing the band name. Well… here it is.


Don’t mind the lame ass watermark… I used to be so sick!
But this photo was the first photo I shot of HUTTCH as a band - October 2014. Over the next 5 years we have made five music videos together, travelled to PEI and back, travelled to Arizona to make a music video, have had more hilarious moments then I can even remember and now the boys, which they will always be boys to me. GOT MOTHA FUCKEN SIGNED!

I didn’t have much to do with it but I feel like a proud dad for these guys. Booking tours in the USA. Getting spun on the radio. Just the beginning for these guys.

Lost Cousins "In Scenery"

The first time I herd Lost Cousins was Canadian Music Week 2017. I went to their show, shot photos, didn’t meet them, went to their facebook, found a contact email, emailed them the edits and said if you post it tag me… And I think I might have got a “Thanks” reply.

Couple months later I see they’re playing NXNE. Thought about emailing them to photograph the set but didn’t. I’m at a show at the Garrison a couple days before their set at NXNE. I end up seeing the guys outside between bands and ask them to shoot photos for them at NXNE. They remember who I am and say sure.

I end up going to NXNE with them. Have never hung out with them or had any real convo with any of them. By the end of the festival I felt like I had known them forever and lucky for me they loved the photos and video I made and invited me to more shows.

I spent the rest of summer 2017 going to their shows, putting together highlight videos, then I start hanging with them outside of shows, going to birthdays. I become real homies with all of them.

Fast forward to February 2019. They release the album and I’m at the top of the thank you credits.
Another example of a situation I expected nothing. I put good energy into the relationship I had with the guys and created the best visuals I could and it all worked out.

If you haven’t checked out this album. You’re truly missing out.

Two music videos down two to go.

Made it out to Detroit on Wednesday to direct a music video for Eamon Mcgrath. When I first started getting into photography and video in 2013. Me and a couple friends would go explore abandon buildings and shoot. And here I am 6 years later. Still exploring abandon buildings to create art. Felt good to be back. Here is a house that we discovered across the street from the Packard Plant. Eamon’s track is very powerful and I truly believe we created something people will relate to and love.


Yesterday I shot a music video for Goodnight Sunrise. Sometimes when you’re trying to get things done in a DIY kind of way. You never know what curve ball can come your way. We had a location lined up inside a gym at a condo in down town Toronto. We didn’t get permission just had some light info on the place and a fob to get in so we went for it. 45 minutes in security told us to leave and at that moment we had no location and it was -9 outisde so outside wasn’t really an option. As we were packing up we had nothing but time to figure it out what we were going to go. We all got on our phones, started asking around and before you know it… we found a BETTER gym with NO ONE in it. Not finishing the video that day was ever really an option. I promise you hard work pays off and staying positive can help you figure anything out.


New Start...

Music inspires me. When I hear a song and it has that magic, it makes me want to create. I love it.
People inspire me. People doing what they love and following their dreams and me being able to capture them in their moment… Thats the stuff dreams are made of. I’ve been lucky enough to live my dream for the last 4 years. Hopefully this website and my personal stories can inspire you to create and take a chance on exactly what you want to do.

For a long time I thought it was weird to have a blog and talk about yourself and be self absorbed. But many friends have suggested I start a blog to keep them updated and to show a personal side people might enjoy more than my drunk instagram stories. Plus I enjoy sharing my work so this is a place I’ll be telling personal stories and my experiences while I’m on tour and on set of music videos.